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Length of Warranty

               All Adaptive Armament products purchased from an authorized retailer will carry a minimum warranty of 30 days from date of purchase. In addition any Adaptive Armament AEG (airsoft electric gun) can be registered online to be covered by our extended manufacturer warranty, at no additional cost. This extended warranty begins on the date of registration and covers your product for an additional 90 days. You can begin the process of product registration by clicking here.

What is a valid warranty claim?

               Adaptive Armament reserves the right to refute any warranty claim that is deemed outside the scope of our policy. This warranty will cover any and all manufacturing defects that render the product inoperable. Adaptive Armament will also cover any gross defects in craftsmanship that hinders the functionality or appeal of the product. It is up to the discretion of Adaptive Armament to determine what is considered a gross defect in craftsmanship.  To make a warranty claim please click here.

What would be an invalid warranty claim? 

               The following points are a few examples to show where our warranty would be  invalid or voided.  Please note, the following list is not fully comprehensive, situations not listed below may arise that lead Adaptive Armament to void or invalidate a warranty claim. The Validity of a warranty is decided upon inspection of the received product and is at the discretion of Adaptive Armament. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your warranty we encourage you to contact us at or by using our live chat system here on the site. 

1) Any product that is not distributed by Adaptive Armament.

2) Any product not purchased within the United States. ( please contact us if you are an international customer and need warranty services )

3) Any products not purchased from an Adaptive Armament authorized retailer. If you are unsure  if a entity is an authorized retailer please see our retail locator.

4) Damage, degradation and or malfunction caused by:

     A  )   Accidents

     B  )   Acts of nature 

     C  )   Intentional abuse

     D  )   Unsafe use or misuse of the product. Please refer to your manual for further information regarding safe use and proper usage of Adaptive Armament products. 

     E  )   Neglect or failure to follow product instructions

     F  )   Unauthorized repair or disassembly

     G  )   Unauthorized modification  to the product including but not limited to painting, removal, or modification of the buffer tube assembly and provided handguard

     H  )   Removal, attempted removal and or modification to the stock blaze orange flash hider (This point has a zero tolerance policy) 

      I  )  Improper ammo (bb) use, our AEG's are designed and tested with seamless 6mm plastic bbs of the  following weights. .20, .25, .28, and .30 grams.

      J  )   Using a battery with a discharge rate exceeding 25c

      K )   Unauthorized industrial, commercial and or professional use

Approved Warranty Claim

               When your warranty claim has been approved by an  Adaptive Armament customer service representative the following will occur :

1) You will receive a R.M.A number, this number will be used to track the status of your warranty repair.

     A ) Please note, Adaptive Armament is not responsible for shipping charges ( inbound ) that may occur.

2) The product will be inspected to confirm that your claim is valid.

3) Once your warranty is validated, your product will undergo the repair process.

     A ) If your product is deemed unrepairable your product will be replaced. If a replacement is unavailable a product of comparable value and function will be offered.

4) During the repair your product will be completely stripped and inspected.The defect will be repaired and all internal parts showing wear will be replaced free of               charge.

5) The Product will then be shipped back to you free of charge. The shipping method will be chosen at the discretion of Adaptive Armament.

     A ) Please note, your product will be given an additional 30 day warranty after the process is complete. This warranty begins the day your product is shipped back.

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